Looking for Queer Love in the Modern World

Looking for Queer Love in the Modern World

Hey there queer person, look at me, I am talking to you!
#couplegoals, #couplelove #cutecouple, I see them all-around, do you see them too.

You are sad because everything around you is oozing with love in all directions.
For you, finding true love so difficult to find, why do you lack connections!

The digital landscape that we are surrounded by is changing for me and you.
Relationships, sex and sexuality. With time they are evolving too.

You pick up our phone and check hundreds of queer people in minutes.
Maybe that’s the problem, you are spoilt by choice. Don’t you get it!

You have become so rigid in your ways that you treat dating like you are shopping.
If the person does not fit the checklist, you put him back on the shelf without even thinking.

You create these unrealistic images of queer people whom you want to meet
And if they fall short, you set them aside, ignore them and mistreat.

Your huge list of requirements lowers your chances of meeting someone special.
You create unrealistic standards that scare them away, the one who could be the one.

To begin with, have a little faith and stop saying there isn’t anyone good out there.
Because if you give them a chance, in reality, there are thousands out there.

Put those dating apps aside and stop swiping and liking those edited profile pictures,
You won’t find the one with questions about preference and your one-word answers.

We all long for love and deep down we all are looking for a happily ever after.
But you won’t defiantly find it while sitting on your couch surfing on Tinder or Grindr.

If you are sure what you want, then get out there meet that someone you find.
Don’t force yourself into a box and don’t let anyone tell you how to love. Don’t be blind.

But most of all, believe. believe in love and that it will find its way to you. Just believe.
All you have to do is keep an open mind and seek the love that you want to achieve.